Personal top 5 spider-related horror experiences

First of all, by "spider" I mean a special type called Tegenaria atrica, which is very often in our cellar. These ones are up to 10 cm (4 inches) long, which is BIG for a spider, and they also are VERY fast.
I put a picture under the cut, if you wanna see. ^^
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Okay, now to my promised top 5 list:

5. Spider on my blanket while reading in bed (already experienced)
4. Spider on my body while driving the car
3. Spider on the light switch when it's dark in the room, you can't see shit and you want to put lights on
2. Spider in my shoe and recognizing some time later when putting shoe off (already experienced)
1. Being bitten by spider - yeah, this is possible, although it happens rarely, but this thing is also a bit toxic and can hurt

I just hope I won't ever get to undergo the rest of them. :D

I know, this list may sound like a "first world problem" on the one hand and like having no real problems in my life, :D but on the other hand there really are people suffering from severe arachnophobia (studying psychology ftw!) and other specific things or situations (luckily not me, spiders are just disturbing).
So I think posting about this is okay, as long as one doesn't forget that there are issues way above facing eight-legged animals. :)

Thanks for reading!
And if you like, feel free to comment! :)

My first entry :)


So... ;)
now I seem to have found my way to livejournal - after having thought about this for a lot of days. :D
I can say I'm very excited what I'm about to find here. Basically I want to use this to make new friends that share my currently BIG hobby, which is collecting Pokémon plushies. Check out this little overview of my cuties:

The future will show what else happens with this journal.

Let's have a good time! :)