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My favorite Pokemon by generation! - as seen on j_ule's journal :D

The following is based on my own opinion. Please do not feel offended if you have a different opinion - it's totally fine. :D
So here we are! These are my favorite Pokemon! :D

Gen 1:
So this is where it all started. I got Pokemon Yellow when I was about six years old. It was great. I can't recall how often I played through Red, Blue and Yellow since then.
I like all three starters pretty much the same. :D Pidgey was a Pokemon that was ALWAYS on my team. Eevee is mainstream, but hey - still cute! :D Kangaskhan was always a mystery to me - the Mega form made so much sense! I remember searching for the legendary birds in these labyrinths again and again. They're so pretty. <3 And Mew, of course. Mew. Mew. Mew. :3

Gen 2:
This gen was Pokemon Crystal for me - never really Gold and Silver, actually. :D So I fell in love with the legendary beasts, especially Suicune. <3
Chikorita is my favorite starter in existence. I think I identify with it as it was my first character in Mystery Dungeon. :) Ampharos is powerful and cool, Eeveelu stuff, beasts, and Celebi. :) Sadly I never had the chance to obtain it, but I enjoyed (shiny) Celebi in Mystery Dungeon pretty much. <3

Gen 3:
This gen is my absolute favorite! It was so colorful and had great music pieces! I also liked the fact that this gen wasn't as dark as the previous ones (ghosts, dead Pokemon, creepy places and music). Hoenn always felt like holiday to me, and I could almost say I love every Pokemon designed in this gen.
Treecko and Reptain are badass <3, Torchic is forever my partner in Mystery Dungeon, Zigzagoon and Wingull were on my Ruby team per default (like Pidgey in Gen1). :D Gardevoir line is simply the best. :))) Absol is great, its mega form is even greater with these wings. :) Some cool Lati@s, and finally Rayquaza, pretty much my favorite Legendary besides Mew. Mega Rayquaza is over-designed, but still cool.

Gen 4:
I had decided this would be the last gen I'd play, because I thought I'd slowly grow out of this.
I don't like the starters too much here, but their final forms are still cool. Shinx line is just great, so is Riolu line. Roserade was on my team as I randomly found out I could evolve my Roselia - I was so surprised! :D Glaceon's design is so wow! I really like the idea of the lake trio and the traits they're representing. I love Manaphy because I got it via the first Pokemon Ranger, like a hundred years ago. I still keep this one. :)

Gen 5:
This Gen came out and I couldn't resist. :D It might be my least favorite one, though. In my opinion, a lot of Pokemon designs were... meh. Luckily, the story with N compensated this a bit.
I like this gen for the beautiful Serperior, Hydreigon and Zorua. Axew line is cool because of Mystery Dungeon 3DS (same for Keldeo). ;)

Gen 6:
Well, this must be the gen I've been mosted hyped for before its release.
Greninja is a real badass, but I don't like the other starters too much actually. :D Talonflame is power- and beautiful at the same time (gotta brave bird 'em all), but I prefer Fletchinder's design even more. ;) Espurr is cute and creepy. :D Swirlix is special to me because the first one I met in the wild was shiny! This was so cool as it was on the release date, I googled for pictures and there wasn't any picture of a shiny Swirlix online yet. xD Amaura is my favorite fossil Pokemon and the cutest thing ever in Ami. :3 Klefki is cool, so is Noivern. Xerneas looks beautiful. :)

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