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Another get!

A few days ago I got a package from ebay which made me really excited 'cause I knew what would be in there. :D
So I decided to create a little photostory which was totally fun.^^ (And we finallly have some pictures of TY Snivy in there)

Alright, here we go Snivy, let's see what's in it!
Yeah girl, I know you love cameras, but this post will not be mainly about you. :)

***Snivy's cut***
Snivy: Hello?! Who are you? And how on earth did you fit into this small packet? :O
          How was your journey?

Come on over to me, you beautiful lady. Let me look at you, Dark Angel. Yes, that's the name of my Absol in Pokemon X, too. :3
Do you like your nickname?
Snivy, please don't be too jealous. Give her a chance. :)

So much awesomeness and perfection in this plush... :) And so soft...
Her appearance is almost god-like. Reminds me so much of a guardian angel.
(Snivy's still in the background)

Beautiful shape, feet and wings, too. :)

Let me help you unfold your angel wings. But don't fly away, okay? ;)

Friends finally. <3
You must be good to her, Snivy. She's a noble lady, friendly and helpful. :)
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