March 18th, 2014



My collecting phase of Pokemon plush is really getting hot right now.
At this point there are four packets from all over the world on their way to me, three of them from pkmncollectors. On the one hand, I'm excited and looking forward to get my hands on them, since they all were at a good price and I well-reflected every purchase. But on the other hand, it's just leaving my wallet and I'm feeling bad about "wasting" money for childrens' plush toys rather than saving it for later, like I normally do.

And then I think about the fact that it's my very own money I got from my own working hours, and I can decide what to do with it.
And then I think about how much I've already saved within the last years.
And then I think about the fact that I've always been in love with the Pokemon world, since I was a child. Played every single generation repeatedly and with passion, watched the anime and often (day-)dreamed about these creatures. <3

And then I think about the fact that spending money is just the main reason I joined pkmncollectors.
And then I have to correct the number of packets on their way to me - from four to five.

- Okay, but five really is enough now for at least one month. Let's take a break and watch them coming over to me. :)