My favorite Pokemon by generation! - as seen on j_ule's journal :D

The following is based on my own opinion. Please do not feel offended if you have a different opinion - it's totally fine. :D
So here we are! These are my favorite Pokemon! :D

Gen 1:
So this is where it all started. I got Pokemon Yellow when I was about six years old. It was great. I can't recall how often I played through Red, Blue and Yellow since then.
I like all three starters pretty much the same. :D Pidgey was a Pokemon that was ALWAYS on my team. Eevee is mainstream, but hey - still cute! :D Kangaskhan was always a mystery to me - the Mega form made so much sense! I remember searching for the legendary birds in these labyrinths again and again. They're so pretty. <3 And Mew, of course. Mew. Mew. Mew. :3

Gen 2:
This gen was Pokemon Crystal for me - never really Gold and Silver, actually. :D So I fell in love with the legendary beasts, especially Suicune. <3
Chikorita is my favorite starter in existence. I think I identify with it as it was my first character in Mystery Dungeon. :) Ampharos is powerful and cool, Eeveelu stuff, beasts, and Celebi. :) Sadly I never had the chance to obtain it, but I enjoyed (shiny) Celebi in Mystery Dungeon pretty much. <3

Gen 3:
This gen is my absolute favorite! It was so colorful and had great music pieces! I also liked the fact that this gen wasn't as dark as the previous ones (ghosts, dead Pokemon, creepy places and music). Hoenn always felt like holiday to me, and I could almost say I love every Pokemon designed in this gen.
Treecko and Reptain are badass <3, Torchic is forever my partner in Mystery Dungeon, Zigzagoon and Wingull were on my Ruby team per default (like Pidgey in Gen1). :D Gardevoir line is simply the best. :))) Absol is great, its mega form is even greater with these wings. :) Some cool Lati@s, and finally Rayquaza, pretty much my favorite Legendary besides Mew. Mega Rayquaza is over-designed, but still cool.

Gen 4:
I had decided this would be the last gen I'd play, because I thought I'd slowly grow out of this.
I don't like the starters too much here, but their final forms are still cool. Shinx line is just great, so is Riolu line. Roserade was on my team as I randomly found out I could evolve my Roselia - I was so surprised! :D Glaceon's design is so wow! I really like the idea of the lake trio and the traits they're representing. I love Manaphy because I got it via the first Pokemon Ranger, like a hundred years ago. I still keep this one. :)

Gen 5:
This Gen came out and I couldn't resist. :D It might be my least favorite one, though. In my opinion, a lot of Pokemon designs were... meh. Luckily, the story with N compensated this a bit.
I like this gen for the beautiful Serperior, Hydreigon and Zorua. Axew line is cool because of Mystery Dungeon 3DS (same for Keldeo). ;)

Gen 6:
Well, this must be the gen I've been mosted hyped for before its release.
Greninja is a real badass, but I don't like the other starters too much actually. :D Talonflame is power- and beautiful at the same time (gotta brave bird 'em all), but I prefer Fletchinder's design even more. ;) Espurr is cute and creepy. :D Swirlix is special to me because the first one I met in the wild was shiny! This was so cool as it was on the release date, I googled for pictures and there wasn't any picture of a shiny Swirlix online yet. xD Amaura is my favorite fossil Pokemon and the cutest thing ever in Ami. :3 Klefki is cool, so is Noivern. Xerneas looks beautiful. :)


A drawing... again! :D

Say hello to Shroomish! Shroomish is on a ball! Shroomish is happy!

Gosh... this one turned out so great!! :D I can't believe this is just my third drawing! I have changed the program I was using to Painttool SAI, and it's so much better.

Cleaning up my room

I spent the last few days tidying up the boxes, cupboards and shelfs in my room. There was so much stuff that accumulated the past few years, I was impressed by myself. :D
I have a rule here: When I didn't use stuff for a long time, I decide I also won't need it in the future - and it's being tossed away. Well, first of all this is for magazines and leaflets. When it comes to more expensive/valuable things, I usually make exceptions. :D But I just need space for my growing Pokemon plush collection, and I restructure my room a bit.
Cleaning up can be fun and nostalgia at the same time. It reminds me of what I was and what I did in the past. Good old memories come up. :D Bad memories as well. ^^ I can somehow close up with them by tossing away the things with the burden that lies within. It helps with letting go.
Man, I'm getting philosophic again. ;) Stop it! :D
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Another get!

A few days ago I got a package from ebay which made me really excited 'cause I knew what would be in there. :D
So I decided to create a little photostory which was totally fun.^^ (And we finallly have some pictures of TY Snivy in there)

Alright, here we go Snivy, let's see what's in it!
Yeah girl, I know you love cameras, but this post will not be mainly about you. :)
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First community purchase arrived!!

So, today I got some awesomeness in the mail.
It's my first purchase that arrived from pkmncollectors, and it's a Snivy plush from the TY Beanie Babies Collection (sorry for being too lazy to make a photo now, maybe later).
The thing is, I've been looking for this one for almost a year now. I ordered TY Oshawott and Axew in a big online shop in June 2013 while Snivy was sold out at this time. And it didn't ever come back for a good price, even in other shops, even on eBay. ._.
I'm sooo happy to finally own one. :3

This community is such a great place. :)


My collecting phase of Pokemon plush is really getting hot right now.
At this point there are four packets from all over the world on their way to me, three of them from pkmncollectors. On the one hand, I'm excited and looking forward to get my hands on them, since they all were at a good price and I well-reflected every purchase. But on the other hand, it's just leaving my wallet and I'm feeling bad about "wasting" money for childrens' plush toys rather than saving it for later, like I normally do.

And then I think about the fact that it's my very own money I got from my own working hours, and I can decide what to do with it.
And then I think about how much I've already saved within the last years.
And then I think about the fact that I've always been in love with the Pokemon world, since I was a child. Played every single generation repeatedly and with passion, watched the anime and often (day-)dreamed about these creatures. <3

And then I think about the fact that spending money is just the main reason I joined pkmncollectors.
And then I have to correct the number of packets on their way to me - from four to five.

- Okay, but five really is enough now for at least one month. Let's take a break and watch them coming over to me. :)

Feeling connected + first pkmncollectors purchase experiences

It's been over a week now that I joined livejournal and I'm totally amazed what's going on here. With the lingua franca english, people from all over the world communicate with each other, talk about whatever you can imagine and have a good time (even though many communities seem to not be active anymore). How can it be I didn't stumble across this earlier?! :D Now I'm clearly spending way too much time in here, but I... can't stop... xD
Anyway, I just recently made my first purchases on pkmncollectors, too. One from the US and one from Singapore... That is clearly replacing the commonly known and big online auctionhouse for me. Wanna know reasons? I give you reasons:
First, you can see the item you are about to get. Second, it's much more personal. The people are friendly and this makes it easier to ask questions if you are unsure about whatever. ;) Third, it's a good trade system. You have to take many steps to gain sales permission in the community and usually get feedback for every purchase (or sale) you're doing. Bad members are banned. ^^ Fourth, it's mostly cheaper. I think I could tell more points, but these are the main ones for now.

Okay, I'll be going out now. Such great weather for March here in Germany, 20 °C (68 °F)! :D